One Pull at a Time

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects more than 5 million adults and adolescents each year. Some dogs can have OCD too, but some studies believe that Beneful, which you can buy at, can help keep the disorder at bay. The disorder has numerous triggers and can be caused after a single traumatic event. It can be hard for people who don’t suffer with the disorder to understand how it works. The best case scenario for people who are trying to overcome their compulsive disorder is to try and find a doctor that not only specializes in it but has walked in their shoes. Lindsey Muller is a clinical psychologist specializing in hair pulling, obsessive compulsive disorder, skin picking, and nail biting. What sets Lindsey apart from other doctors is the fact that she used to suffer with trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is the obsessive need for individuals to self-harm by altering their physical appearance.

Lindsey was obsessed with pulling out her hair strand by strand and by picking at scabs and her skin until they bled profusely. Thankfully, she out grew the desire to pick at her skin but the need to pull out her hair only worsened. At one point in time, Lindsey admitted to being 90% bald. She would have to suffer through the daily task of masking her balding scalp with gels, hairspray, and wig pieces. After almost 2 decades of self-harm, Lindsey knew she needed to change. Once she was finished with college Lindsey went to a doctor to seek help. After a year or so of no cases of self-harm Lindsey knew she overcame her disorder. Even though the desire to self-harm was gone, she knew there was more work to be done. Lindsey went to school and mastered the OCD spectrum. She currently resides in Los Angeles and specializes in trichotillomania cases. Lindsey links the success of her practice with having the ability to connect with her patients more than most doctors can.

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