“Not Armageddon, Not A Lehman Brothers Moment”, Says Kyle Bass, “But Watch Out For China”

What is Kyle Bass doing with China right now? The hedge fund manager who became famous for short-selling sub-prime mortgages prior 2008’s American Wall Street collapse, now historically known as the “Great Recession”, is currently setting his sights on China. Bass has aimed at this country in one way or another for the last nine, ten months. October saw him publicly stating an expectation for Chinese financial collapse. Several months ago, he said he didn’t see a “Lehman Brothers Moment” for China, but he did predict within two to three years it would collapse, and that there was a forty to fifty percent likelihood that collapse would hit in 2016. Then Bass said that if China allowed the devaluation of their currency to take place in a “material” way, Asian markets would be some of the best investments going forward. So, basically, what Bass is saying is that the future is up in the air, and there’s no way to tell what’s going to happen. But he wants investors to invest a certain way, so he’s dressing the truth up such that it panics the inexperienced. Bass said it wouldn’t be “Armageddon”, but he sees a buyout coming. Since America’s economy is intimately tied to China’s at present, according to Bass financial consequences will hit the United States.

It’s possible Kyle Bass is in earnest, but Useful Stooges feels it’s more likely he’s got an angle. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It’s a pseudo-humanitarian organization acting for Bass as a front to push legalisms through which force big-ticket pharmaceutical companies to decimate prices, thus diminishing their stock value and allowing him to control a short-sell operation that ends up making millions. If he’s willing to defraud sick people of the research and development funds which such pharmaceutical companies must suspend in order to maintain operations, and thus the near breakthroughs that could be just days away, then he’s certainly willing to deceive investors.

But Bass may have overlooked something about China. Their economy is built on 1.357 billion people locally, and many millions more tangentially in surrounding countries.

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