Norka Luque Miraculously Finds Her Way to Her Childhood Dreams of Becoming a Singer

Norka Luque is a musician superstar from the Venezuela in the United States. She was born 7th February and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She was brought up by a socially rich family from distant places that exposed her to diverse life experiences, lessons, cultures and several languages. The exposure raised a desire in her of becoming an international singer and she believed that she was born to make one. As a child, Norka’s family supported her to attend music classes, and this formed a critical background to her musical career. In school, Norka won many several music awards during festivals, for example, the “ The festival of bagpipes” and “ La Voz de Oro” awards presented in the presence of some international artists like Juanes.


Today, Norka is an internationally well-recognized musician who broke into the career under the guidance of Emilio Estefan, a famous Latin Producer. Norka’s path to achievement of her dreams to be a singer is a great inspiration to many people. All through her life, Norka kept her mind in what she loved, music although she did not know how she would ever become an international singer. She believes in the happening miracles the same miracle that raised Emilio’s interest in her works and guided her path to greatness.


In 2011, Luque released “How You Do It” as her first song. This song composed Archie Pena, a Venezuelan made Norka be nominated for the year’s female artist at the “Lo Nuestro Awards.”

At the start of 2012, Norka released her second song which goes by the name “Milagro” which is also the album’s title. Archie Pena also composed the “Milagro” song and it produced in various versions with some of the foremost arrangers performing at the salsa version like Cucco Pena.


The Milagro song was later recorded to an English dance version “Miracle, ” and it was remixed by Dj Ralphi Rosario this was placed as the position eleven on the Billboard Dance Club. The songs new releases were continuously remixed and performed with the collaboration of EL Cata a famous urban artist. Norka new song is called “Tomorrowland” of which she is currently working on its release.

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