Nick Vertucci – Impacts The Housing Market

Nick Vertucci is described to have had a loving family and normal childhood until the age of 10 when his father passed away. This posed considerable hardship on the family through his adolescent years as his mother had to work and be the sole provider for the family. He recalls living out of his van during his late teenage years.


Nick Vertucci believes he received his start in life when self-employed in selling computer parts. He was free to set his business hours and work schedule. During this time as his confidence grew, his personal life expanded to include a spouse and later, the beginnings of a family. The dot com crash in the early 2000s was a grueling time for Vertucci. At the invitation of an acquaintance, Nick Vertucci attended a weekend real estate seminar, and this began a new career and professional path for him.


Nick Vertucci spent the next decade learning and developing a simple system that is said to provide strategy for others to earn significant passive income from real estate. From this program has come the NV Real Estate Academy. The NV Real Estate Academy is the resource center offering materials ranging from education and training to active investment. The website lists a full complement of staff who facilitate the day-in day-out workings of the NV Real Estate Academy.


Nick Vertucci now mentors those who have the desire and drive but need “the knowhow” to succeed in the world of real estate. Student testimonials concerning the academy speak of the course material providing “sincerity” “finding balance in life” “how to find funding” “talking to contractors” “long-range planning for income.” Some view the program overview to be simple and straightforward, but contains a lot of information underneath the surface that is practical and useful. One student sees this course offering the choice to remain stuck or move forward.

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