New Research Reveals Horrific Common Sense Issue

Lack of common sense in a single person often makes others shake their head in surprise. Yet, it’s the lack of common sense among the most educated of humanity that has many people shaking their heads today.

It’s well known that babies across mammal species experience pain like their adult counterparts. But, until this week, many doctors believed that human babies were somehow more specially resistant to pain then every other mammal on the planet.

Oxford University scientists performed magnetic resonance imaging tests on healthy adults and babies — 10 adults ages 23 to 36 and 10 babies between one and six days old — to cross-reference the activity in their brains when exposed to painful scenarios. The scientists looked at 20 regions of the brain and found (wait for it) that 18 of the regions had the same responses in babies as they did in adults. The babies were actually more sensitive to pain than the adults.

Folks like Igor Cornelsen are wondering: Why is anyone questioning whether babies feel pain in this day and age?

A study last year into neonatal intensive care pain management found that 60 percent of babies who receive approximately 11 painful procedures in a single day didn’t receive any pain medication.

While PETA and other animals right’s groups fight to protect the infants of other animal species by arguing that they feel pain, few humans have been fighting for the protection of babies.

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