Mystery Man Shovels Snow From Boston Marathon Finish Line


This week the northeast part of the United States have been pummeled by the storm Juno. Parts of the northeast have seen blizzard conditions where they have received nearly 3 feet of snow. Major cities like New York and Boston were shut down for a period of time. As the Boston blizzard was slowing down twitter user, Phillip Hillman, witnessed a man shoveling snow from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Hillman snapped a picture of the man and put it on twitter. The picture spread like wildfire with people trying to figure out the identity of the man, even the Boston Police got in on it with no results said Sergio Lins Andrade.

Check out the story on to see the pictures and the tweets of the mystery man shoveling the finish line.

Eventually the man’s identity was confirmed. His employer, the Back Bay Social Club, confirmed that it was one of their bartenders, Chris Laudani. His manager said that during a slow spot Laudani stepped out to shovel the line. His manager also said that Laudani runs the marathon every year.

Something about this story brings a lump to my throat. Boston went through a traumatizing event together and they have stuck strong. The shoveling of the finish line shows how committed some are to honoring the memory of those killed and injured during the attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Boston Strong indeed.

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