More Happy People?

A new study has come out that brings some pretty surprising news. It seems that there are more happy people now than there was before. It seems that people like Bernardo Chua are growing happier and happier, that this world is becoming a happier place. Now, the question is… why is this happening? What is going on that is causing people to become happier? Why is this world becoming a happier place, and how can we keep this trend going?
The study that came out studied people from sixty five different countries, and it found that happiness is on the rise everywhere. This isn’t just an American thing, but a world thing. Happiness is growing, it is spreading… will this trend keep up? Will the world continue to grow happier and happier, or was this just a happy year? Were those who were surveyed a good sampling of people everywhere, or did they just happen to be extra happy people?

One thought on “More Happy People?”

  1. This would be because the Chinese would have to make up for the majority since their economy is rising and are becoming a powerhouse. So because of I do not have to worry and now I know I am all about the best and it would make me happy too. There might be questions on how you measure the happiness in the different eras.

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