Meryl Streep to Sing Cover Songs in Upcoming Film

For an upcoming movie role, Meryl Streep will play the lead singer in a cover band. Her character abandons her three children to go after her rock and roll dreams. Streep’s character’s daughter, played by Streep’s real life daughter, Mamie Gummer, faces a life crisis, and she returns home.

For the role Streep will sing cover versions of songs like Bruce Springsteen’s My Love Will Not Let You Down, Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, American Girl, and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.
The film, Ricki and the Flash, is directed by veteran Jonathan Demme. Demme says all the cover songs were filmed live without the use of pre-recorded playback, which Paul Mathieson enjoys a bit more. This will not be the first time Streep has sang in a film. She did so in 2008’s Mama Mia!, and last year’s Into The Woods.
There is another rock and roll tie to the film. Rick Springfield plays a guitarist in Streep’s band.

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