Massive Revenue Increases

Status Labs’ revenue streams reflect both the popularity and necessity of the company’s services. Privacy is very difficult to maintain in the modern landscape of the internet. Everyone is plugged into the search engines and social media. Once aspects of a person’s life or business endeavors are published in the search engines, the info is there for the world to see. Flattering information is a plus. Negative information can set up massive personal or business disasters.

Status Labs of Austin, TX offers access to services capable of fixing a reputation. Those whose names have been besmirched rarely have a way to address things on their own. So, they turn to Status Labs for assistance. In roughly 35 countries, 1,500 clients have contacted Status Labs for help. The company’s annual revenue figures have gone up 939% from 2012 to 2015. Yes, cash flow has increase by nearly ten times what was generated in a three year period.

To reiterate, Status Labs is a successful public relations firm because the company offers a solution to a very difficult problem.

For good or for bad, people are defined by what the first page of the Google results say about them. When a crisis occurs, material may end up being published in the search engines. News reports and blog commentary end up being indexed. Social media can get very chatty and cover details people do not want known. Once private information is revealed, there is not much anyone can do to fix things other than contact a reputation management firm.

Status Labs is a top reputation management capable of producing counter content and online material that provides a more positive alternative to the awful information that might be online. The company clearly is handling this type of work effectively as evidenced by the huge increase in revenue.

The Austin, TX company is run by Darius Fisher, a standout in the world of digital marketing. The firm has become a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, another sign of growing success. The opening of offices in New York, NY and San Paulo, Brazil also reflect the incredible growth of the firm. Look for the company to be around for a long time.

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