Man Has Saved over 2 Million Lives with Blood Donations.

Super heroes in comic books almost always have to be muscle bound figures with cool costumes and super powers. The truth is that reality looks quite different. James Harrison is as close to a super hero as we are like to see in this life and he has already saved over 2 million lives. How did he do it? What is his ability? To put it simply: he was helped as a child and he turned around and started helping other people.

According to Eric Pulier in an article on, at 14 years old James Harrison got really sick, like the kind of sick that will kill you. He ended up needing to have one of his lungs removed and in the process had to have a ton of blood transfused. He was in the hospital for three months. Knowing how many blood donations ti took to save his life, Harrison realized that he needed to pay it forward. So he did.

Harrison had received almost 2 gallons of donated blood while he was in the hospital and as soon as he turned 18 he began donating regularly. Harrison donated every third week for the next 11 years. Harrison’s blood type had a special anti-D property that was perfect for helping save lives that struggled with a RH incompatibility.

Over the course of his donations he ended up saving over 2 million lives, most of them young children. He has become a vocal component for plasma donation, and for good reason.

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