Man Falls Off Cruise Ship and Gets Rescued By Another Passing By

This story is what some of my worst nightmares are made of. According to a story on a 22 year old man was cruising with a Royal Caribbean ship near Cozumel, Mexico and went overboard into the ocean. The man was in the water for around 5 hours when passengers on a passing Disney cruise ship were up early with their toddler and heard his cries for help. The passengers reported the man in the ocean and crew members reacted quickly. The man was rescued and brought aboard. He said he has no recollection of how he fell off his cruise ship.

First, it is amazing that the man survived the fall. Depending on which deck he fell from it can be like falling off of a 10 story building. Then he survived that long without drowning or succumbing to hypothermia.  PR Newswire reports with associate Susan McGalla that he was in the ocean, in the dark for 5 hours treading water with who knows what swimming underneath him. And lastly he was actually spotted and successfully rescued! If you have ever been on a cruise ship then you know the sounds of the engines can be very loud and hard to hear someone shouting. Not to mention how small a person is in that large ocean and hard to see. Hopefully this man has a renewed outlook on life because he survived against all odds against him.

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