Makeup That is Bold

There are a lot of makeup options for those that want something that will work for work, but if you are looking for something different, it might be harder. That is why Lime Crime is a great idea.


Bold Colors

There are a lot of colors that will make you look good. Some of these are very bold and bright. That is what is good about this company. They have a palate that is going to go together very well with bright colors. The bold eye shadows and bold lips can change anyone’s look and make them feel better about what they are doing.


Glitter and Metallic Colors

There are also options to add glitter and metallic colors to the others you may be using in your makeup. You can also wear them on their own. Most of these colors are in the eye shadow and not the rest of the makeup you might wear.


Daytime Colors

Though not as popular with Lime Crime, there are colors that aren’t as bold. If you need a more laid back color, then this option might be for you. They are not as bold and they are more acceptable in a work area. They may be useful if you are planning to put them with some of the brighter colors to give your look a little more kick. These colors are able to be used together.


There are a lot of options besides Lime Crime, but they are going to be the best bet if you are looking for something that is bright and fun. These bold colors are great for those that want to look their best with the many colors available to you. You should take your time and find the ones that are going to go together in the best way as well as on their own. This will give you several different options in your makeup from one buy.

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