Lowell Police Hand Out Gifts Instead of Tickets

With so much bad press recently in the news involving police officers, it is nice to see some positive stories to help renew faith in the department and the community. In Lowell, Michigan, officers began pulling over vehicles that were performing minor traffic violations they usually do not cite people for. During routine questioning, the officer would slip in the good old question, “What do you want for Christmas?” After innocently making their Christmas wish to an officer, a nearby Meijer store eavesdropping via radio, would grab the wished for item, wrap it, and send it to the officer within 15 minutes. The mixed reactions of the drivers once they were presented with, well, their present has helped the video go viral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlnxajQrL8w

After getting the idea to lighten some days, the Police Chief in correlation with the Christian-based television network and with the sponsorship support of Amen Clinic  filmed the secret Santa exchange as a promotion for a Christmas project they call “Uplift Someone Christmas Initiave”.

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  1. Over the course of two days, thirty presents totaling about seven thousand dollars were handed out to surprised citizens- without a traffic ticket in the card. It is a really a cool thing for me to write my papers and make sure I get that info about traffic ticket out.

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