Low Income Students See High Potental with the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

Keith Mann seems to have a knack for finding a niche and filling it. In the world of business and finance, he noticed that hedge fund companies were an underserved population when it came to hiring and staffing search companies, so he decided to do something about it. In 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search, but he would use this practice in 2006 and expand it to include the private equity industry. By 2009, had created what is now Dynamics Search Partners and devoted it entirely to the staffing needs of the alternative investment industry.

This year, 2016, saw yet another way that Keith Mann has identified a lack and done something positive to fill the gap. This year, Keith Mann decided to use his keen eye for picking the right people and filling needs to choose students for a scholarship, The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Business Achievement, that is. This is no ordinary scholarship. This fund allots $5,000 to one student from the Uncommon Schools charter public schools system. These schools specifically focus on students who are low-income or at-risk and helps prepare them to go to and graduate from college. The goal of these outstanding schools is to “close the achievement gap” between its students and those at similar academic levels but with more financial opportunity. The scholarship comes as Mann’s practical means of supporting this goal since many of these students might otherwise not have been able to attend college, some almost exclusively based on financial reasons.

Students who are seeking the scholarship must apply for it and submit a 1,000-word essay on how a college education will help them achieve their business goals. Once a student is selected to receive the scholarship, he or she can use the money towards tuition at whatever four-year learning institution he or she desires. This scholarship will encourage students who may not have seen any means by which they could attend college to now strive for and achieve their goals. It is Kevin Mann’s hope that the students can use the degrees they earn to find success in the business world.

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