Lil Wayne’s “HollyWeezy” Video Is Out

We all love it when Lil Wayne comes out with new music. He always makes a couple of good songs here and there even if he’s not releasing an album at the time. Well this time, Wayne released a video of his new song from his latest album released in January ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’ called “HollyWeezy”.

Wayne is currently working on his new album ‘The Free Weezy Album’, but there are no dates set yet on when the album will be released with all the legal troubles surrounding Lil Wayne and Birdman, and nothing being resolved so far.

We don’t know if any of Weezy’s new music is going to be directed towards Birdman and Cash Money records or not, but we definitely know that Wayne had the biggest impact on the record label, and without him, they would just be another label. Fans like Jason Halpern ( know that Drake and Nicki have very tight relationships with Wayne and probably signed to the label in the first place because of him. It is amazing seeing all of them work together in the studio, especially Wayne and Drake.

In the latest video released of the song “HollyWeezy”, Wayne is rapping in Los Angeles in what appears to be a dark background. The scenery changes a lot and it shows images of many scenic places including the Hollywood sign, and other photos that would presumably have something to do with fame and his life.

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