Larkin and Lacey and the Frontera Fund

Close to ten years ago, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had an encounter that would change their entire lives. They got into a legal issue because of their migrant status, and this seemed to be the end of their careers.

For the past ten years, the duo has been in and out of court, and finally, they have received a settlement of $37.5 million. The two have decided that they will not be using the money gotten for their benefit, rather they will use it to help immigrant residents of Arizona who could be going through similar problems.

The Larkin and Lacey case started when the two were kidnapped from their home. The aim of their kidnappers seemed to be dissuading them from giving out some incriminating evidence which they had against the County Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. The case got even more intriguing when police officers arrested the two men and started making demands for the names of their online news sources.

They two have spent most of their careers defending the rights of American Citizens as stipulated in the first amendment. The battle they have been fighting has been fierce, and they got very little support. The money they will get as compensation will help all migrants that have immigration issues along the US-Mexico border.

A lot of questions have been raised about the manner in which the case was handled. These include the mayor’s covert attempts to obstruct justice. Media attention in the case blew it further out of proportion, and this made it a hugely public affair.

The fact that they have beaten all odds and succeeded gives people hope that it is possible to go up against the powers that be and win, even when the villains are part of the justice system. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are now being hailed as heroes for the fight they have put up both for their sake and that of others in a predicament which is similar to theirs.

Before their case started in 2007, the two had been at the height of their careers in journalism. The case was a huge cloud over their otherwise bright futures. However, their resilience has led to victory, and they plan to use the money to address the immigration problems faced by the Hispanic community in their state and beyond.

Many civil rights groups have congratulated them for their efforts, and are grateful for their kind gesture because these types of cases rarely get enough financial support.

Different groups are making efforts towards the improvement of civil groups and their activities in Arizona. The people who need the assistance with their immigration cases can get assistance from the Larkin and Lacey fund by contacting the team managing the fund.

As long as you have a genuine case, you will get assistance. The two hope that with time, their fund will reach even further than their state and that they will support more individuals and groups in their efforts to get social justice.

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