Lamb Born With Human Features

There has been mutations with cows and sheep before, but an animal born with a human face?

A lamb has been born on a farm in Dagestan, Russia, and it would not be news if it were not for the animal has some features that differ greatly from those expected. His eyes, nose and mouth are more human than sheep. Only his ears are reminiscent of a sheep.

The farmer, Blasius Lavrentiev, 45, says that when his sheep gave birth to the lamb he was surprised to see “the face of an old man.”

“We had a very hard winter, and when I realized that my sheep was pregnant I was thrilled because it meant that I could sell the lambs and get some money,” he said.

“When I went to check on my sheep giving birth it almost scared me to death when I saw what appeared to be the furry face of an old man” describes the farmer. “His parents are both sheep and look normal, so I have no idea how it ended up looking like this.”

Sam Tabar has read that, according to Mr. Lavrentiev, a local circus offered to pay almost ten times the going price for a lamb, but he refused. “It definitely is not for sale, nor is it for dinner or for those who want to exhibit it,” he said. He concluded: “She will stay with us.”

Last year, on a farm in Argentina, a similar case occurred with a goat, and the family was accused of bestiality.

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