Koch Agrees with Sanders But Not on the Federal Government Solution

The support of Koch on Bernie Sanders view of the inequality in America has surprised many people and created the possibility that maybe Charles Koch is endorsing Bernie Sanders. However, Koch disagrees with his gesture being misinterpreted as an endorsement. Sanders have been a critic to the Koch brothers, especially for financial politics by funding political campaigns. As per now Charles Koch and his brother David have donated more than $8 million to campaigns since 2012. However, this time, they agreed on the fact that there is inequality n both the political and the economic system of the United States.

The political system of the states is rigged to support the privileged at the expense of the common middle class and the poor. The wealthy and corporates have the ability to get opportunities from the corporates while the poor are being denied opportunities and their lives end up being filled with hopelessness, misery and poverty. Koch supports this with relation to the cruel criminal justice system that does not allow the incarcerated opportunities and chances to get back on their feet once released. The fact is also mentioned by Bernie as the crooked criminal justice system. Sander does not agree that there should be a renovation of the federal governments because it would propagate more inequality rather than bring a solution.

Charles Koch is a renowned American business person and a philanthropist who currently is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries. He is also a board member and a cow owner of the list of industries which are owned by the Koch family. He and his brothers have not been in the media limelight for long, but Koch came out with the writing on the Washington post agreeing to Bernie Sanders opinion. Koch industries are the topmost in producing the highest revenue in America; Koch and his brother David Koch are known for not supporting corporate welfares even when they are of benefit to them.

Charles Koch supports charitable and cultural organizations that are market oriented like the Institute for Humane Studies and libertarian groups. Back in the 1980s, his brother contested for the governor position but did not succeed; his political aspects are supporting the Republican Party and its candidates. Back in 2011, Charles Koch was given recognition by the US President Obama for his effort to reform the criminal justice system. Overtime Koch has been advocating reformation the prison system through rehabilitation of prisoners back to the system once out of jail by being allowed to get jobs through making easy the employment process.

This article recappedĀ https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/charles-koch-this-is-the-one-issue-where-bernie-sanders-is-right/2016/02/18/cdd2c228-d5c1-11e5-be55-2cc3c1e4b76b_story.html

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