Kenneth Goodgame Helps True Value Look Their Best

Kenneth Goodgame is the senior vice president of merchandising at True Value, and he is in a very unique position where people will be able to enjoy the work that he does every time they come into a store. He wanted to make sure that True Value was going to look its best, and the only way to make this work was to be sure that every store can give people an experience that will remind them of the times they had in the stores when they were younger. There are a lot of people who get to feel renewed when they come to True Value because it is so special and rustic.

The rustic feeling of the stores makes them look back to a time that they were in the store with their parents or their grandparents. The stores have the modern touches that are needed to make them functional for people today, but they are not so massive and overdone that people cannot shop in them. Kenneth Goodgame made the True Value name a lot easier for people to relate because he made it so that people could actually enjoy it for the first time in a long time.

True Value and Kenneth Goodgame are making the hardware store game a lot easier by making sure that they all look like they came from another time. It is a lot easier for people to show in a place like this because it will make them feel like they are not being hurried through a large store. This is a victory for Kenneth Goodgame, and it helps the company has a niche that other companies cannot have. True Value has been set apart because of the way that they are merchandised due in large part to Kenneth Goodgame and his work.

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