Keith Mann: He Has A Heart The Size of Texas

Whenever someone has a big heart, they are more likely to do nice things for people and help them out in certain situations when they need it. That someone is most certainly Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. Mann has an incredibly big heart and he is not afraid to give back or help out other people. It is great when you hear about people with big hearts and people that are willing to give back to others, no matter what the situation calls for in everyday life. In the case of Keith Mann, he has been very instrumental in giving back to The Uncommon School Districts.


He has talked a lot about how he just wants things to be fair and equal for these kids. If they want to attend a four year college and they have the work ethic and the desire, he wants to provide that for them, no questions asked. That is the type of person he is at the end of the day. He knows that money is not going to just fall out of the sky, however, which is why he held a fundraiser with Dynamics Search Partners where they raised over twenty-two thousand dollars for testing at another school that will be opening up in the Uncommon School Districts. That is not the kind of thing you hear about every day happening, but with someone like Keith Mann, much like the name of the school, he is uncommon and he is proud of that fact.


This is one of his favorite causes to give back to because it brings him so much joy when he sees the kids enjoying school and getting all they can out of it. He knows they are going on to bigger and better things. They might have had a tough upbringing and had to live on little to no money, but that has not stopped them from pursuing an education and wanting to get that degree. That says a lot about these kids and what they are all about at the end of the day. They have overcome a lot and been better for it.

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