Katy Perry Halftime

There is always a lot of speculation and excitement centered on the Super Bowl and who will be performing at half time. It is hands down one of the biggest performances in the world each year, due to the vast amount of people that will be tuned in and watching the half time performance. There is no question that the Super Bowl is the most highly watched television programs of the year and because of this reason it draws the highest costing advertisements and highly anticipated performances. This year Katy Perry is taking the stage and she looks to deliver a dynamite performance in front of the entire world. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that she is no stranger to being in front of large crowds, as she has consistently sold out massive arenas over the last several years. She has been one of the biggest sensations in Hollywood lately and has sold an astonishing number of records. She clearly has a great resume to be performing at the Super Bowl halftime and there is a lot of speculation that she will deliver a much better performance than has been seen for a number of years. Due to the magnitude of the audience, they usually add in a ton of explosions and fireworks to the performance, which Katy Perry very much enjoys as has been seen in a lot of her past performances. Either way it is going to be something to tune in for.

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