Kanye West Just Plain Rude

A recent article on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site details rapper Kanye West’s behavior at the recent Grammy Awards ceremony. Once again, West popped up on stage when not invited, this time to complain about Beck receiving the album of the year award instead of West’s pal Beyonce.

While West behaved better than he did in 2009 when he ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance of a VMA award, he still shouldn’t have been up on the stage at all running his mouth. The Rolling Stone article also showed a picture of West hanging out backstage with Kim Kardashian and other celebrities.

In my opinion, West shouldn’t be invited to award shows at all anymore. His rude and obnoxious behavior is unacceptable. He’s been given plenty of chances. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that while Beck said he wasn’t offended, that’s not the point. When young people see West acting like this on television and getting away with it, they are getting a really poor message about how to act. Enough is enough.

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