John Textor: The Film Entrepreneur King

John Textor has managed to make a name for himself in the film industry. The Pulse Evolution Company calls him its Executive Chairmen. He has helped to push along huge movies such as “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” and “Transformers”. Huge Hollywood hits like this would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of people like John Textor.

In 1987, Textor earned his Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics from Wesleyan University. He then went on to co-found Wyndcrest Holdings in 1997. This is a private equity firm that focused on film production as well as telecommunications and the Internet. It is based in sunny Florida and the company quickly made a name for itself. Not only did the company make a name for itself, but Textor made a name for himself personally. He moved up the ranks at the company and was soon able to call himself the CEO.

Textor did not stick with Wyndcrest for ever. Instead, he went on to become the CEO of Digital Domain in 2006. This was when he started to make some serious waves. It was through this company that John Textor was able to bring about some of the greatest films that he ever worked on to the public. The company works in the acquisition of film studios and hires some of the top talent to create films that the public likes.

John Textor has been at the forefront of producing the great movies and would end up being the reason why some of these great films were able to be brought to a big screen near you.

Though he could have easily stopped there, Textor didn’t. He went on to work on the production of some other films as well. This was a more hands on approach to the films that he had his hands on. This would include movies such as “Ender’s Game”, yet another popular hit. This is the kind of thing that John Textor does all the time. He doesn’t stop at good, he goes for great. We can only sit and wait to see what it is that he is going to produce for us next.

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