Inspirational Findings About Helane Morrison

While I was doing research on my own investigations in journalism I discovered one of the most powerful and influential investigative journalists of all time. This woman has worked and dedicated her life to serving the general public by providing the type of exposure that the public deserves. She has exposed corruption in financial and business matters for decades. Her name is Helane Morisson, and I found several articles about her work. I would like to take time during this post to share what I’ve found from Project Eve about her life and career.

About Helane Morrison’s Bold Career In Journalism And Law

Helane Morrison started her education in the field of journalism by getting her Bachelors degree in journalism from Northwest University in Illinois. This was the start of a budding career in journalism. She went on to attend law school at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. As she was attending law school there, Helane Actually continued to use the skills that she developed at Northwest University by working with the law review at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. She was actually the Editor in Chief of their law review, so she had the opportunity to bring her skills in journalism to their community. This was inspirational for me because I am still working in a university setting, so I am considering taking a similar route as Helane Morrison did by working with the paper at my university.

There are many ways that Helane Morrison went on to affect the world of journalism and the legal communities after she finished with her university life. I like to find about influential people like Helane Morrison because they lead such bold careers. She worked as a law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals. She actually worked with a Supreme Court Justice while she was there.

Much of this information is published on Project Eve in a compelling article that is all about Helane Morrison’s life. She is currently still dedicated to the cause, and she worked with Hall Capital Partners LLC to help enrich the legal community with her skills in law and journalism. She also is a speaker on topics that surround legal issues and compliance issues. She is the Chief Compliance Officer and supports Hall Capital in other capacities as well. To read the article from Project Eve, go here.

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