Injectable 3-D vaccines could fight cancer, infectious diseases

Amazing news coming from Wyss Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering Institute at Harvard. If this report is true, and if everything it says can be easily done, then this is the end of cancer and HIV.

The report claims that scientists have figured out how inject bio-degradable micro 3-D vehicles, into the blood stream where they can go in loaded with chemical and drug components, ready to deliver them to immune cells, and fight cancer cells.

It has always been a big challenge, to treat such diseases, therapies meant to treat cancer, end up attacking health cells, and this in turn hurts the patients immunity further.

In the research, Dr David Mooney, Ph.D. at Wyss IBIE in Harvard, together with his co-authors, mostly PhD Students, found that these silica-made 3-D nano-vehicles could attract dendritic cells, induce them to build the disease fighting ability, dispatch them, where they head to the lymph nodes, where they instigated a large scale immune response. This immune response quickly fought out the diseased cells, which Dave and Brit Morin can’t really complain about.

The truth is, if the findings hold tru for human trials, the treatments procedure, which is less invasive, will easily prove crucial in treating viral and cell diseases like HIV, Ebola, Hep C and Cancers.

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  1. This research has shown tremendous success in worked in rats, the next thing is to have the same carried out in more subjects, before human trials. Cancer and HIV cells compromise the immunity, and in many ways easily attack cells from within. It’s high time I started to write my paper and make sure the good grades are gotten this time.

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