Impersonation of Michael Jackson Comes Naturally To One Sergio Cortes

Impersonation is a skill that takes a long time to learn. Many people have taken time to look and act like famous celebrities, with the most intriguing acts being that of the late Michael Jackson. Renowned and hailed as the king of pop, MJ, as he was widely known, had many followers. Some of these followers just enjoyed his music while others decided to make money out of his legacy. While the impersonation of MJ comes naturally to some people in terms of physical appearance, some have to undergo extensive surgery in order to resemble him. One example of a natural is Sergio Cortes.

This Spanish national comes across as MJ, not just in the way he looks, but also in the way he sings. He performs in Brazil under the support of Destiny Projects, an institution which focuses in identifying, nurturing and managing art. Cortes has created an artistic niche for himself with many people traveling from all walks of life just to see him performing. Those who have witnessed his skills can attest to the fact that he puts in a lot of time and effort to recreate and perform MJ’s songs, although his looks and vocal abilities make it a lot easier for him.

Watching Cortes on stage, one would think that it is MJ doing his act. He capitalized on these unique features in teenage years when people realized that he looked and sang a lot like the pop star. Since then, he has been hired to appear in many acts and concerts, with the most memorable being the tribute show in Madrid in 2012. During the event, he performed for two hours, showcasing the life and times of MJ through the star’s songs which he recreated.

Cortes stands out as the best MJ impersonator, not only because of how he looks and sings, but also because of how he dresses and dances while on stage. He has gained fame among lovers of the genre and has attracted people who want to meet an MJ impersonator. Needless to say, he has inspired many while advancing the legacy of the legendary musician. At least, for many who never got to meet the musician while he was still alive, they can get a taste of what he used to offer.

Indeed, the love and passion Cortes has for MJ has inspired many to believe in the power of art, and has attracted a lot of support from different corners of the earth.

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