Huge Online Scandal With Cosmetic Favorite: Lime Crime

Did you ever think that your favorite cosmetic line would have the internet in a frenzy and be creating a Scandal? That’s right, Lime Crime has created a sister company that has invented a purple-violet hue that has taken the internet by storm. Lime Crime has over 2.4 million Instagram followers and they are going wild about this new color based with the same velvetine matte that LC customers are use to. Scandal is quickly growing their name under a very popular cosmetic line. The founder of LC, Doe Deere was named female entrepreneur of the year for 2016 by highly publicized Galore Magazine.


The Story Behind Lime Crime


At the tender age of 13, Deere began to understand the value of marketing by popularizing temporary tattoos. She began to wear them to set her mood and it quickly caught on among her friends. She was glad to have a product that her friends enjoyed. She later moved to New York City and enrolled in design school. Her conventional thinking soon caught on to catchy bold colors that would be offered through the Lime Crime name. LC offers lipstick and eyeshadow for their users.


The only requirement for guys and gals that wear Lime Crime is that they be completely unapologetic about their makeup options. They invite you to be creative and take a step towards originality with their cosmetics. Ironically, Lime Crime goes on moist and forms to a perfected finish. Your makeup will hold when and where you apply it with a waterproof base. You can accent your day to night look with colors that are hard to find among their competitors. You’re invited to become a Lime Crime customer by visiting their exclusive website.


Visit YouTube for the option of finding creative ways to mix, blend, match, apply, and remove their cosmetics. You can visit their sister site Doll Kills for great shoes, accessory items, and clothing. Enjoy shades like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet today.

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