How Todd Lubar Has Stayed On His Game In The Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman in the real estate industry. He is the President of TDL Global Venture, a company that he founded. He first started in the real estate industry in 1995 and has found success in a variety of ways during his career. He started his professional career after graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Speech Communication.

Upon college graduation, Todd Lubar landed at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He learned a lot about the real estate and lending industries during his four years at this company before joining Legacy Financial Group. During his time with this company, he led their Maryland location and grew loan volume to several hundred million a year. You can visit for more info.

In 2005 Todd jumped to Charter Funding and became their Senior Vice President. He continued to work offering home loans to people until the financial market crash of 2007 which took down a great many people working in the real estate industry, including Todd.

As the real estate market was essentially destroyed for a number of years, Todd Lubar spent time outside of this industry developing other types of companies. He owned a number of different firms including a recycling company and a nightclub. Eventually, the real estate market came back and that was when Todd founded TDL Global Ventures.

Todd Lubar and his company are located in Bethesda, Maryland. He freely admits he hasn’t had a string of unlimited success. Some of his businesses have failed and he had to start from scratch. He has said that when you’re knocked down you’ve got to bounce back and keep moving forward. He said it’s like baseball where if your swing isn’t working on a pitcher you’ve got to try a different approach, an idea that he has exemplified throughout his career. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Lubar enjoys spending time traveling as well as with his two children, a boy and a girl. While he loves the northeastern corner of the United States, Orange County, California will always be a place he revisits time and again. He also is a person who continually tries to improve and help those around him improve their own lives.

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