How to Trigger Constructive Debates at Work

Tom Rothman, head of TriStar Pictures, states that managerial work involves many different aspects of business, but perhaps none are quite as important as maintaining a proper and efficient work environment.

Being a manager or team leader often brings you into the situations where you have to gather your coworkers at a table for a brainstorming. The perfect lovely atmosphere when everyone agrees and walks away being okay with the same idea sounds peaceful, but is unproductive, thus no real leader wishes for that. 

Therefore, idea clashes have to be encouraged. But one must be skilled when moderating this type of discussion at work. Making one member feel isolated or disagreed with can only discourage the others. 

‘Respect’ is the keyword and the secret to having a healthy brainstorming at work. Able leaders know how to turn a discussion to a good lane, and squeeze ideas out of their employees without triggering conflicts. 

Making everyone feel important in the discussion is the correct option here. Even if one of the employees said nothing precious, make them feel good about the discussion and the results.

Of course, you need the people with skills and specialisation, able to produce ideas and defend them, hence ‘knowledge’ and ‘respect’ are the ingredients to mix in the daily activity at work.

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