How Noticing a Dimple Could Save Your Life

When people think of breast cancer symptoms, they think of sudden lumps, skin discolorations, rashes, pain, swelling or pimples, sores or other wounds that do not heal. Yet, there is a little change in the surface of a breast that can also indicate that a woman, or man, has breast cancer: A dimple forms at the surface.

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 20, Facebook was abuzz with the story of a 42-year-old British woman, Lisa Royle, who may have saved her own life by going to the doctor after she noticed a dimple under her one breast.

On May 11, Royle posted a public note on Facebook that featured an image of the bottom side of her one breast and a bright red circle around a small indent at the surface of her skin. She wrote that she never thought she would post a “boob picture” on the social networking site, but she wanted to spread awareness before having her breast removed this Monday. She said that she only found the one dimple and that “very subtle dimples” underneath a breast are easy to miss.

As of May 21, the post has been liked and shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook with more than 40,000 likes and more than 70,000 shares.

Christian Broda has learned that other subtle signs of breast cancer include a change in breast shape, a change in skin texture and any nipple changes.

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