How Lip Balm Upstart EOS has Swam Upstream of the Currents in the Beauty Industry to Capture the Loyalty of Millions of Users

EOS lip balm upstart dared to swim upstream of the choppy currents of the beauty industry to compete with giants. By using a combination of marketing dynamics, the founders used business positioning, customer targeting, and the appeal value inherent in a product to woo millions of loyal customers. Seven years into the beauty business has seen the company grab a substantial chunk of the make-up pie that for years has been the domain of Chapstick. EOS ( identified what was lacking in the beauty market, and quickly chipped in to manufacture an organic and natural product to satisfy an upward spiraling demand.

The first winning strategy the upstart firm deployed was to emphasize the values they espouse besides creating and distributing the product. They came up with the idea of blazing their trail by manufacturing a different lip balm that would not look like every other item on the isle of beauty. This paid off because soon celebrities took notice of the balm and started experimenting with it. Although lip balm can be considered a unisex commodity, they carried out extensive research that revealed women were the primary users, and that they would prefer a different type of container from the traditional tube. EOS created a product that was specially designed to fit the needs of a woman’s daily beauty needs by coming up with original shapes, colors, and flavors that ladies would find irresistible.

Importantly, the manufacturers produced a lip balm that would stand the test of time by veering off the gimmicky avenue. The product they came up with had an enduring pleasure to use inbuilt into its nature. Apart from competitive pricing on Target and Costco stores, the balm has a broad sensory appeal of smell, flavor, touch, and coloring all of which are organic. The company’s tagline, “The lip balm that makes you smile,” resonates with the feelings of whoever uses it.

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