How Keith Mann is Helping Transform the Youth in Brooklyn

Keith Mann, the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners has indicated that he will offer the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This award is meant to acknowledge future generations of innovative business gurus. It will be offered in conjunction with Uncommon Schools, which is a not-for-profit New York based association. The organization runs various schools in Brooklyn and the scholarship will be granted to one finalist each year at one on the institutions.

Keith Mann chose to partner with the institution because it runs schools in New York’s lowest income borough. The scholarship therefore aims at supporting students from such areas to attend good colleges, graduate and be placed in good companies where their business acumen and potential will be cultivated. It caters for the entire four year college duration.

How to apply for the scholarship

Prospective beneficiaries are asked to write a 1000 word essay about how their professional goals will be reached after they earn their university degree. It is only available to finalists at the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn. The previous application had its deadline on February 29th 2016. The person who gets it will be announced towards the end of March. It also comes with a five thousand dollar grant, which is meant for paying college tuition fee.

Keith Mann in Brief

Keith Mann is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, a company that deals with hedge funds, alternative investments, compensation, employment and hiring approaches. He is a business leader with extensive connections, who has helped set up various firms. In 2002, he played a vital role in the formation of the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search. This was after he noted that the hedge fund industry was not appropriately served by the search firms that existed. The company today provides exclusive search services and alternate staff for equity firms.

Keith Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. Today, the company has one of the most innovative databases on investment executives in the US. Besides running his businesses, Keith Mann is a passionate philanthropist. He founded the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship to help bright needy students in Brooklyn receive college education.

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