Home Remedies for Atopic Asthma

Atopic asthma is a fancy term used to describe allergic asthma. The type that is triggered by an allergic reaction to an outside substance, like pollen or air pollution. Lee Slaughter has learned that certain foods can also trigger an episode of atopic asthma. More on Slaughter is available on Xrossfire.com. Whatever the triggering causes, the result is the same – bronchial spasms, narrowing of the air passageway and excessive mucus secretion, all of which make breathing extremely difficult. Medication helps. Avoidance of triggers helps. Add some home remedies to the mix and you can greatly reduce the number of atopic asthma episodes that occur.
* Honey is a cough suppressant and increases salivation which keeps the airways soothed and moisturized. Take a spoonful at night before bed.
* A few drops of eucalyptus oil placed on a hankerchief, then placed on the pillow soothes air passages all night. This home remedy can be used throughout the day to help keep episodes of atopic asthma at bay.
* A supplement containing butterbur inhibits leukotrienes and histamines that can trigger and asthma attack.
* Liquorice contains glycyrrhizic acid which acts as a natural steroid to reduce swelling and pressure in air passages.
* Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, is an herb that is rich in vitamins A and C, plus phytonutrients which promote healing to all respiratory ailments, including atopic asthma.

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