Help with Cold Cases Using Securus Technologies

My team of crime scene investigators was given the task of slowing out a cold case that frustrating authorities. While we had only one suspect on the radar, the evidence we needed to secure a lengthy sentence was not panning out. Even with a full confession, the attorney in the case managed to have all the evidence tossed because of a small technicality. That being said, we had to start all over and find a way to connect our suspect to the crimes before he struck again.


While we knew this suspect was the only person that was capable of committing the crimes, we needed the evidence or the limitations of the case would run out. My team was asked in a last ditch effort to find the evidence and connect the dots before time expired. Without any solid leads, I decided to turn to a resource we used in the past to help us to uncover evidence in active cases, never a cold case however. My journey would take me to the local prison.


Securus Technologies was responsible for the call monitoring system in our jail, and helped corrections officers to be able to listen when the inmates used the phones and pick up information about illegal activities. These monitoring systems produced by Securus Technologies are in over two thousand jails, and they have been very helpful at making the locations safer. Just my presence in the jail sent inmates scrambling to see what I was looking for.


During one call, an inmate figured out the cold case we were working on, and desperately tried to get a message to family about taking care of something. Winds up being a cousin of our suspect, and he was supposed to hide key evidence in the case but was arrested, and was now asking family to finish his work.. That break helped us solve a cold case just in time.

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