Health Risks in Food Deserts

Gianfrancesco Genoso says that for people with limited transportation and time, traveling to a well-stocked grocery store outside your own neighborhood can be impossible.

Wholesome Wave, a not-for-profit organization that works to improve access to better food in low-income areas, is now working with the Harlem Hospital Center to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables through FVRx (The Fruit and Vegetable Program.) FVRx targets obese children and their families to improve overall health by reducing junk-food consumption and improving access to fresh foods through Health Bucks. Health Bucks can be spent at Farmers’ Markets in New York to purchase fresh food at twice the rate of food stamps.

Food deserts also challenge rural citizens. As citizens leave rural areas for larger urban centers, access to local groceries becomes a greater challenge in the daily life of the rural poor and elderly.

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  1. Even for those in large metropolitan areas, the time and energy needed to traverse the extra distance to the store and back with your load of groceries is a difficult endeavor. It is because of their struggle that made wrote that excellent article for them the other day too.

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