Have a Seat Over There

Dateline NBC used to produce and air a show called “To Catch a Predator” which was hosted by Chris Hansen. The show was popular during its run from 2004-2007. In fact, I used to set my cable box to turn to that channel when it came on so I wouldn’t forget to watch it.

The show premise was Chris Hansen working with a team called Perverted Justice and together to two would work to bring alleged sexual predators to justice. Perverted Justice would set up online profiles as younger children and wait for people to instant message them. If the chats turned inappropriate, the team would ask the alleged predator to come to their sting house where they were expecting to meet the youngster they were talking to online. Instead, the men would meet a stern faced Chris Hansen, then the local police department. Bernardo Chua (bernardochua.com) has learned that, through the show, the team had many predators, some dangerous, taken off the streets. Despite its popularity, the show was taken off the air after a high-profile prosecutor committed suicide after he was caught soliciting what he thought was a young teen online.

Chris Hansen is now looking for your help to start over again. According to the story on Arstechnica.com, Hansen has begun a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring life to his new show, “Hansen Vs. Predator”. This will begin a new investigation where Hansen does what he does best, catch predators.

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