Hanrahan Talks All Things Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is someone who is very busy these days. Handy, the company he runs, is growing by proverbial leaps and bounds. Handy is a home cleaning and maintenance booking service that has offices all across the United States. After a recent round of new venture capital raising, Handy is looking to open even more offices. What sets Handy apart from its competitors is Handy relies on an on-demand service. Customers book freelancers through the use of a smartphone app.

Hanrahan gave an interview on the subject of Handy. In the interview, he discussed how the idea came to him along with the early stage of turning an idea for an on-demand service. Hanrahan’s early career in real estate led him to realize people really needed and easier way to connect with home cleaning and repair professionals. Coming into contact with an on-demand taxi service further spiked insights into Hanrahan’s mind.

Eventually, through working with friends he met at Harvard Business School, Hanrahan was able to found Handy. The company was started with about $50,000 in funding. In time, millions of dollars in capital was raised. Handy exploded in growth within a very short period of time.

Hanrahan suggests the ease of being able to book freelancers combined with the rigorous screening process for hiring have both contributed to Handy’s success. People like to use apps, and apps eliminate a lot of time wasted making phone calls. Handy has ridden public acceptable of apps, and the company is now worth $500 million as a result.

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