Handy’s Tipping Feature Has Broken Headlines

Handy is an outstanding platform through which independent cleaners can find jobs rather easily for a low fee. Many home cleaners cannot afford advertising or promotional costs like large corporations can, so Handy is an important breakthrough in the gig economy as far as services around the home are considered. Handy has other people that do plumbing, carpentry work, and other services to make a home both look and perform better.

Handy has recently implemented a new feature in which clients are now able to tip cleaners for the work they have done that has been performed above and beyond expectations. Some people tip just to give the cleaner a little more money. Tips have only been able to be given in cash in the past, so if a person was outside of their home and was not there when the cleaner finished the job, they would have to go through trouble just to give them a little bit of a tip.

Other apps like Lyft have recently added a tipping feature for their independent contractors which has resulted in a heavy influx of people giving tips, which have not been given frequently in the past. Restaurants and other businesses always have receipts in which customers can give tips, but apps like Uber, Lyft, and Handy have not always had these services. Thankfully for both clients and cleaners, this tipping service has added to the dynamics of Handy.

Handy was founded by Mr. Umang Dua and Mr. Oisin Hanrahan, who were both roommates at Harvard Business School. In their first year, after discovering that there was a need for a place to list home cleaning services, they dropped out because they felt as if they should not miss out on the opportunity to start their application and cleaning service. This turned out to be a great idea receiving over $50 million in funding just this year.

The school of thought on tipping had recently been brought to the spotlight a few months ago when restaurant tipping was widely debated. Handy implemented the ability to tip not only to squash this argument of Handy being against tipping, but to help out the cleaners and clients and make the experience lots more enjoyable.

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