Great Blends of EOS Lip Balm

EOS has long prided themselves on creating novel and innovative lip balms for an audience of users who are willing to pay a bit more for a higher quality product. EOS lip balms therefore contain ingredients that, quite simply, work better, last longer, and have better flavors than competing products

There are several reasons why the flavors that EOS sells have better flavors than the competition. For one, EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms which can lead to many of the off flavors that use complain about. In addition, all-natural ingredients just taste better than the competition. Finally, EOS is very creative in designing flavors that are unique and varied and a far world from the standard bland choices that other lip balm makers sell.

As an example, EOS has created some pretty wild and out their lip balms that have been well received. An example of this is blueberry acai which bends the unique flavor of acai with its antioxidants and tropical flavor, with the more familiar blueberry. See this flavored lip balm here on This ends up resulting in a great and unique belnd between two disparate fruit flavors that blend into a complex and deep lip balm.

Another clever combination is honeysuckle honeydew. Blending fruit and floral flavors is something that is simply not done because it is challenging to create a unique combination. Both of these flavors are mild in flavor and not overwhelming. This presents another challenge as it is common for one flavor to overwhelm the other. With Honeysuckle honeydew this doesn’t happen and what is left is a great and unique blend of lip balm that is enticing.

Pomegranate raspberry is yet another blend that you may not think would work well, but it is an incredible blend. EOS lip balm has married these two rich and vibrant flavors into a cocktail that is exciting to apply and has an pungent and flavorful blend that awakens the senses.

EOS has long created clever blends of lip balms to satisfy the needs of users. Their line of lip balms includes the aforementioned flavors that are unique and risqué, but oh so satisfying.

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