Golf Game Improvements: Eating Right Improves Your Game

Your golf game is more than just practice, golf instruction and having the right equipment. The most important golf equipment is your body and how you feed it will determine the success you experience on the golf course. If one has ever watch golf on television, they will note that during the round the golfers will hydrate and will eat a snack such as a banana, an apple or a peanut butter sandwich. This helps the golfer to replace carbs that he is burning during the round. What you do not see them eat or drink are a lot of sugar products. This may give them a temporary energy boost but they will have an energy crash which will affect their golf game with respect to how they play and how they can focus.

Most golfers eat a healthy low fat breakfast before each round and drink water instead of soda and fruit instead of candy bars Susan McGalla tries to pretty much follow the same routine. This helps to replenish the nutrients lost during the play in the course of the round. It also helps the golfers to stay energized and maintain their focus.

Golfers eat lean to stay lean. This means a lot of vegetables and very few fatty foods like deep fried foods including french fries, hot dogs and hamburgers. They also stay away from foods with chemicals in the ingredients or used to help grow the foods. Eating Right Helps Your Golf Game

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