George Soros Background and What Motivated Him

George Soros is the most richest hedge fund manager across the globe and has been on the frontline mentoring so many people attain their trade dreams. He is believed to have made a lot of income trading British Pound. In fact, there were times the great Soros could earn more than one billion dollars daily. George was born in the year 1930 by a humble family in the Kingdom of Hungary. His parents were Jews living in Hungary, and at times they face a lot of problems while living in that country. Interestingly, they were not proud to be called jews. They even had to change their family’s name to Soros from Schwartz who had so many meanings. He is currently a very successful man who is top 19 richest people in the world despite his huge donations and read full article.

George Soros was only 13 years when Nazi Germany relocated to Hungary and started attacking the jews. They stopped students from attending schools and also many problems in return. George Soros worked tirelessly for his success, but they had problems going to schools because of the wars. In fact, the children were being told to report to the Jewish council. That was serious until Tivadar purchased documents that lied to people that they were Christians. It was a very wise strategy, and Soros continued attending schools. In 1944, one of the most furious  famous war began. It was called siege of Budapest. Over 500,000 lost their lives to the door to door operation. During that time, his father who had some knowledge about the change of identity could help so many people change their identity.

As a result of these wars and instability, Soros was able to understand the benefits a country has when the abhor democracy, accountability justice equality and so many other values. He has therefore established several organizations that he uses to help people across the World. Soros has far been able to donate more than $18 billion in his philanthropic ministry. His love and passion for helping other people are always on the rise.

George Soros ability was boosted by the skills he acquired at the school in London. He studied bachelors of science in Philosophy and used to develop several theories. He graduated with a masters degree in Philosophy in the year 1954 and later relocated to the US in 1956 to start his businesses. He established Quantum Fund in the year 1973 which initially was called Soros Fund management. So many people have invested in the company, and they always believe in the success of the great company. Before joining Soros, he had established Double Edge together with other investors whereby he resigned citing conflict of interest and learn more about George Soros. George Soros had also worked as Europen Stock analyst at Wertheim and Co, Singer and Friedlander and many other companies whereby he even held senior positions.During his time as an employee, he dealt directly with great forest traders across the globe. He learned so many trading strategies, and he keeps on doing well.

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