George Soros and Phillip Diehl Agree About Gold:Invest Now

Ever since his service as the Director of the United States Mint, Phillip Diehl has offered innovative ideas and insight regarding our nation’s currency and how the American Dollar stacks up against our competitors, as well as the once popular gold standard.

Selected personally by former President Clinton in the 1990’s, Mr. Diehl has implemented the 50 states quarter program. Because of this unique idea of making currency distribution more interesting, many different forms of United States quarters with different engravings pertaining to each of the fifty states, as well as other designs representing many aspects of America’s rich history.

Phillip Diehl has recently issued advice about how the American people should effectively invest their money. Mr. Diehl and George Soros, a multimillionaire, a renowned businessman from Budapest, both concur that with the collapsing economies of the BRIC alliance (consisting of the countries of Brazil, Russia, China, and India) and other nations worldwide, all of the global currencies are risking more susceptible to volatility and instability. In the event of complete economic failure on a global scale, gold is a precious metal that always has and always will hold a universal standard of value. More of the United States Mint director’s insight and suggestions can be heard in a recent interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

A piece from the Jaws Youth Fund revealed that Hungarian businessman George Soros has withdrawn most of his investments in bank stocks and shares. In the past two years, he has gradually moved his funds from big banking into shares and stocks for oil mining companies. While this is a risky investment which requires a lot of money to initially take on, the payout has the potential to be exponential compared to what was invested to begin with.

Another piece of investment advice recommended by the director of the United States Mint is that Americans should invest in coins. They hold a more structured value, which is pre-determined by the US Mint based on weight and the composition of precious metals within certain coins. This is an especially more advisable monetary commitment, especially if you can’t afford to buy top-karat gold by the ounce.

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