From The Business World To The Sports World, Bruce Levenson Takes Them All By Storm

As a poli-sci major in the 70’s, Bruce Levenson knew he was going to make an impact. Little did he know it would be in so many different areas of the business world. From journalism, to cooking technology and consulting, Levenson has wasted little time in making his mark.

In 1977, Bruce Levenson took his first steps into the business world as he co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) in the storage room of his fathers D.C. store. In just a few short years UCG was being recognized with awards in excellence and leading the way into the internet age by being one of the first business information companies to deliver their content on-line. UCG is now an international force with over 46 million customers and has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the Washington area.

With his roots in Atlanta, Levenson has ingrained himself into the heart and the community of the city. With the formation of Atlanta Spirit LLC, Levenson and a handful of other basketball loving businessmen were able to live out their dream of owning an NBA team. Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit group recently sold the team for a respectable $730 million.

Bruce and his wife Karen have become so much more to the community than simply entrepreneurs. Since the 80’s, the Levenson’s have been giving back to the people of Atlanta through many different initiatives focusing on underprivileged youth. It was through these philanthropic efforts that Karen and Bruce realized a need in the non-profit market that was going largely unmet. That need? Educated individuals who can successfully manage and lead non-profit organizations. Funded through the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland, the Levenson’s set out to provide the next generation with the foundation needed to become successful non-profit leaders. The program has been a wildly successful endeavor with many additions including international efforts with India, Jordan and Israel. The next phase of growth is scheduled to take place in 2016 in which the program will expand to China. Since the program began, the students have awarded $40,000 in grants.

Bruce Levenson has had a rich and rewarding career that has spanned many industries and interests. What the future holds for Levenson is anyone’s guess but it’s fairly safe to say that whatever comes next will be well worth the wait.

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