Founding Member of Blink-182 Quits the Band

Wait, I know what you are thinking- is this headline from 10 years ago, when Blink 182 broke up? I thought the same thing but alas it is not. This is a current headline with current news.

According to the story on Mr. Wavy, Blink 182 founding member, guitarist Tom DeLonge, has officially quit the band. As fans like Bernardo Chua know, this is the second time that DeLonge has quit the band, leaving them the first time in 2005. More on Chua is available on The band reunited after drummer Travis Barker’s brush with death in a fiery plane crash. However it seems that DeLonge is over being in Blink 182 again.

DeLonge, along with the rest of Blink 182 were set to be in the studio soon to record new music as well as perform at the Musink Festival. However the other members of the band received an email from DeLonge’s management team saying that he was no longer interested in pursuing any avenues with Blink 182 at that time. He later sent another email confirming that, and this is a direct quote, “Tom. Is. Out.” However, to confuse things further, DeLonge said on Instagram right after the story broke that he did not quit the band and called the press release weird. Maybe he should talk to his manager.

According to the remaining members, Mark Hoppus and Barker, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio will be replacing Tom DeLonge as the guitarist and vocals for Blink 182.

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