Florida Mother Trapped in the Medical Marijuana Bureaucracy While Trying to Save Her Son

As the mother of an energetic 13-yearold boy, Renee Petro, like most any other mother, would consider doing anything to help her severely epileptic son said Gianfrancesco Genoso. According to Top Lawyers, Brandon has a mysterious condition called febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome. He was diagnosed in 2011, after suffering a fever, which landed him in a coma. When he awoke from his coma, Brandon began having frequent seizures, which have left him mentally impaired.

Doctors have placed Brandon on an assortment of antipsychotics and other highly manipulative drugs. The prescribed medication have helped to manage the seizures somewhat, however, mastering the dosages has become difficult. Too many, and Brandon would become lethargic. Not enough, or the wrong combination, and Brandon’s seizures would again be uncontrolled. Rene and Brandon’s father, who is an Army colonel currently deployed overseas, are deeply concerned about the prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Then Rene heard about Charlotte’s Webb, the non-high inducing form of medical marijuana that has helped many children with epilepsy overcome their condition. But, Rene and her family live in Florida, where using the potentially life-saving drug would be illegal. So, Rene took her son to California, where marijuana is legal, and with a doctor’s assistance, began treating Brandon with the cannabis, while tapering him off the pharmaceuticals. Brandon experiencedthree weeks of no seizures while being dosed the marijuana, as well as maintaining a better disposition.

Because Rene doesn’t want to break the law, she is forced to move herself, Brandon and his 10-year old sister to California, where the treatment that works for her son is legal. She only wants for her son to have a chance at a happy, normal life.

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