Find Out the Fantastic Work of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello performs his functions as the director and also the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello is quite experienced in a number of areas, and this vast experience he has acquired while working for some of the best companies in the United States of America.


Petrello used to work for Baker & McKenzie, and it is in this firm where he honed his skills in dispute resolution. After some time, he was elevated to a different position to work as a manager in another section. This was before he submitted his resignation letter in 1991.


Shortly after joining the Nabors industries, he was appointed to serve on the executive committee and as one of the boards of directors. His hardworking nature has enabled him to perform both his roles efficiently thus boosting the company’s revenue.

Petrello is passionate about inventions and the idea of implementing strategic concepts that are ideal in the spurring of the company’s growth in a more efficient and dynamic manner. He has also been performing his duties well as the director of Steward and Stevenson Company and also as a member of the executive committee.


Petrello is also a leader of Hilcorp Energy. His good education has provided him with adequate skills that he has been using to accomplish most of his duties. His qualifications include J.D. degree, which he attained from the Harvard law school. He also has master’s degree in mathematics, which he obtained from Yale University.


Anthony Petrello supports various philanthropic causes, especially the ones that deal with supporting children who are suffering from neurological disorders.


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