Fans of Superheroes and Action-Adventure Will Have a Lot to Look Forward to in Theaters

Perhaps seeing the box office success Marvel has had, DC Comics and their business partners are hard at work expanding their franchise onto the big screen. They already saw some success with “Man of Steel,” and now a sequel to this movie is planned for release in a year. It will be called “Batman V Superman,” and there is much speculation swirling around about it. The most basic point of speculation, of course, is that both of these characters are supposed to be good guys, so what is with the “V” between their names in this latest movie? There is some speculation on about how these two heroes initially come to blows. At first, it was thought that Batman would be going after Superman, but the latest rumors indicate it will be the other way around.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( already assume they know that Superman and Batman will end up reconciling and getting together with other DC comic universe characters and forming the Justice League. Fans of the justice league cartoon as kids will be looking forward to DC expanding their comic universe onto the big screen to bring us future adventures of this band of superheroes. First, we have the Avengers films and the spin-off for each of their characters. Then we get new Star Wars films coming from Disney. Now, DC comics will be expanding onto the big screen with more of their characters. Fans of science-fiction and action-adventure are going to be loving the next few years worth of theatrical releases.

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