Exciting EOS Lip Balm Flavors

It doesn’t matter which Evolution of Smooth orb you choose, you’ll love the amazing flavor that instantly transforms your lips into a smooth puckering machine! EOS has several lip balm lines, each offering your choice of flavors, browse products here.

The organic lip balm is the original lip balm that paved the way for EOS. This line includes awesome flavor choices like Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, and Acai Berry. The Visibly Soft line is another popular line, and with Coconut Milk as a top flavor, it’s easy to understand why. All the EOS lip balm flavors provide your lips with something unexpected, yet so pleasurable. The very first time the lip balm is used, you’ll be overjoyed with the softness your lips offer. Great deals here on amazon.ca.

No matter which EOS lip balm you like most, you can always purchase the product with complete confidence. Not only are all EOS lip balms made with organic, all-natural ingredients, each product is dermatologist tested before it is put on the shelves for purchase.

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EOS is a beauty care brand that has rose to the top very quickly. So quickly, in fact, the brand is now sitting in the number two lip balm position in sales, beating the former lip balm champion, Chapstick, from the spot. The brand accomplished success so quickly because users were delighted with the change. They wanted something new and different; a product that excited their beauty care routine. The EOS lip balms did all those things and more.


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