Eric Lefkofsky – Boosting The Progress of Cancer Research through Data Mining and Aggregation

The field of cancer research has been growing rapidly over the past few years as many research scholars and scientists are trying hard to determine the cure of this epidemically spreading terminal disease. Even though there have been many positive developments over the years, there is still immense scope for improvement and research left. Eric Lefkofsky, who is popularly known for co-founding GrouponInc, which is now worth well over $2.2 Billion, founded Tempus, to aggregate cancer-related data to help physicians and scientists provide better cancer therapies.

In a Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference held in San Diego and attended by the who’s who of the health and pharmaceutical industry, Mr Lefkofsky said that one of the components that are still missing in the field of cancer research is the collection of patient data at one place. And, it is this void that Tempus aim to fill with the use of advanced data mining and aggregation technology.

With the help of technology provided by Tempus, physicians and scientists researching on cancer therapies would now have easy access to clinical data, therapeutic data, molecular data, and patient response data, in one place. It would make things much easier to understand for the physicians who are trying hard to find out why one therapy works brilliantly on some patient and fails miserably on some other. There is always a correlation in data and the treatments provided, and with the help of data available at one place, it would become much easier to find the missing link. Click here to know more.

While giving an example at the conference, Eric Lefkofsky said to get data of how many patients took Herceptin in the past couple of years and how well they responded, the medical centers and hospitals would probably take months to aggregate and provide such data. However, Tempus would facilitate such data within minutes and ensure that such information is flowing freely among the researchers, making it easier for them to avoid any loopholes in their research and overcome any challenges posed by the lack of data. Eric Lefkofsky has founded several companies over the years, including VC firm Lightbank and media procurement technology company, Mediaocean. He is also the founder of Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings.

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