EOS Changing How Consumers Protect Their Lips In Weather With Vegan Free Crystal Clear Formula

Anyone who is beauty conscious and loves their beauty products are always looking for the right level of moisture for their lips. If you are someone who has dry lips often, you know how important it is to have the right lip balm to ease the dryness. If you are someone who has been looking for a new way to increase moisture, you might not know about the EOS brand.

The brand was first marketed to sell because it no longer resembled a tube but rather a round sphere with lip balm inside. The new shape helped to bring sales in for those interested in lip balms but they also were intrigued by the various flavors of the lip balm. Before EOS was placed on the market, more consumers were stuck with simply purchasing Burts Bees or even Chapstick brand lip balms. Read more here.

Previously shoppers who chose the brand were already in love with the various flavors of lip balm but when they released the latest form of lip balm, the shoppers fell even more in love with the brand. The new formula has removed anything related to animals from the formula. What was once a beeswax formula is now made with coconut and shea butter along with other vitamins and minerals needed to keep your lips perfectly moisturized.

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In the middle of winter or during the summer, you want to keep your lips protected from wind or sun. The EOS brand has a number of flavors that also offer SPF protection, refer here at dm.de. The protection is needed for lips which easily burn when exposed to sun for lengthy times in the sun. If you suffer from chapped lips during winter, you need something that will also protect you from harsh wind. There are EOS brands that will keep your luscious lips moisturized.

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